Training: PowerApps and Flow Deep Dive

We have worked in conjunction with Microsoft to deliver App in a Day training across Canada. Through this, we have provided introductory training for PowerApps, the Common Data Service and Microsoft Flow.

Along the way, we have had a number of requests to deliver advanced training focusing on PowerApps Canvas Apps and Microsoft Flow.


Lab Driven Deep Dive Training

The Training Center

Our team will work with attendees in a classroom setting. The format of the training is a mix of live demos, product highlights and lab work.

Our goal is that attendees return to their offices and are able to build deploy PowerApps and Flow solutions.

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Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

Real World Labs

A focus of the course will be the creation of a PowerApps and Flow solution for Expense Management.

This includes the development of a Mobile App, Tablet App and Flow automatons. Attendees can keep the lab content

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Module Driven Training

5 Modules / Keep the Lab Materials

We have designed 5 Modules of training to cover key solution building concepts and patters in PowerApps and MS Flow solutions.

Printed and Electronic Versions of the Lab Content will be available for all attendees to keep

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Training Overview

Deep Dive Training for PowerApps and MS Flow

Deep Dive Training for PowerApps and MS Flow

Here are the lab modules which will be covered in the one day training session.

  • Module 1 & 2 - PowerApps Controls and Canvas App Designer

  • Module 3 - Mobile App

  • Module 4 - Expense Administration Tablet/ PC apps

  • Module 5 - Flow Approval

Our training session covers important PowerApps and Microsoft Flow concepts such as:

  • Connecting to data sources like SharePoint and Azure SQL

  • Capturing media and images in your PowerApps

  • Building Apps for your business in both tablet and mobile form factors

  • How to automate workflows and processes in your organization using MS Flow.

Lab Scenario

Lab work will be focused on building a solution for managing the collection and automation of an expense claim process.

Solving Business Opportunities / As-Is Process

Acme Oil and Gas employees currently use an Excel spread sheet to record their travel expenses. Here is the process that will be solved in our lab modules:

  • Excel spreadsheets are used to track and manage the expense submission process.

  • Once the information is complete, the expense submitter tapes each receipt to a blank sheet of paper, scans and prints then staples the print out to a paper copy of the Expense spreadsheet and submits the package to Accounts Payable.

  • The Accounts Payable team evaluates the expense submission to ensure the information is complete and expenses entered are valid.  If there is a discrepancy, the package is sent back to the submitter with a document explaining why it was rejected via internal mail 

  • The submitter corrects the issues and resubmits, if everything looks good A/P will send it to the submitter's manager.  The manager will review the information and can approve or reject.

  • If the total of all expenses in the package is more than $1000 it will require another approval by the Director

A Power Platform Solution

Throughout the labs, we will transform the manual, paper driven process into an automated process that captures data using PowerApps and drives the business process via Microsoft Flow. The shape of the solution and features are described below:

Mobile app

  • Fill out expense form from mobile phone

  • Camera integration

  • SharePoint connector

  • Conditional logic (if/else)

  • Variables

  • Loop (Patch)

  • SQL connector

A/P Admin app

  • Gallery

  • Color coding

  • Patch

  • Collections

  • Loops

Microsoft Flow

  • Conditional logic

  • Switch case

  • Email

  • Approval

  • Time out and escalation

  • Schedule trigger

  • SharePoint trigger

  • SQL trigger

Here’s Why You Should Attend

You will design, develop and deliver PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Solutions.

Simply put, we will provide you with the training, examples, manuals, labs and resources you’ll require to build and deploy your first complete PowerApps and Flows.

  • Designing Mobile and Tablet apps using PowerApps Canvas Apps

  • Creating Automations / Business Process Workflows using Microsoft Flow

You will learn Quickly

With our instructor lead sessions and hands on labs, you will greatly reduce the amount of time required to become effective with this powerful toolset.

You will be connected with the Community.

You’ll be connecting with other folks interested in building and delivering solutions with this powerful toolkit. Over the course of our training, we’ll also guide you towards other great community resources and tools.

You will provide ROI to your Company.

After our training, we fully expect that you will be capable of building and deploying your own PowerApps. Many of the attendees from our past sessions have went on to build and deploy PowerApps and Microsoft Flow solutions within their own organizations.

You get to keep the Training Materials.

We will have the manuals prepared for you to walk through the labs. You can take them with you after the session as referenced material for your future projects.