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Fidelity Factory Injury Prevention Plan App

Our integrated mobile app will improve your team’s ability to plan safe work. Safety planners will be able to quickly create plans and search, review and link audio to the plans from the mobile app.

- Capture General Information, Staff, Tasks, Hazards, Controls and more for each safety plan

- Use the Admin Tool to add your process’s custom data into the app experience

- Audio recordings of safety meetings are linked back to their associated safety plans

- Filter plans by region or search across all of your plans

- Keep your team connected in the field or office, online of offline

- Identify work tasks in your plan, associate hazards and mitigate with safety controls.


Connect People to the Information They Need

Connect users with the information they need immediately on their mobile, tablet or PC


Get More From Existing Systems

Leverage data and events from existing systems in mobile application or to initiate new processes.


Surprisingly Effective

Our customers reduce costs by leveraging our services combined with PowerApps and Flow, when compared with traditional mobile development.


Administrators / Admin App

Create and manage things like the tasks, hazards and controls.


Safety Leaders / IPP Management App

Create and Manage Safety Plans.


Safety Leaders / Mobile App

Communicate and Implement Safety Plans.


Value Statement

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