PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Support

We provide live online support for PowerApps and Microsoft Flow from our Canadian offices in Calgary. You can Book with us right now - our booking tool will provide you with an up to date listing of our availability.

Live Experts

The members of our support team all have real world experience in building and deploying PowerApps and Microsoft Flow into enterprise production environments. Our team members have all completed Microsoft Training for the products that they offer support for.

How it Works

Online expert support for PowerApps & Microsoft Flow

Online expert support for PowerApps & Microsoft Flow

After You have registered with our online booking tool, here is what you can expect:

  • Identify Goals: If we have questions about the goals that you have identified, a member of our team may contact you to regarding the goals you have identified

  • Assess: A short assessment may also be necessary. We want to confirm a few important things like:

  • Can we solve your issue in the time you have booked?

  • Is this a larger challenge that may be addressed as a small project?

  • Have all of the prerequisites been met?

  • Support: After the Goals and Assessment are complete, we will use our online meeting tool to begin supporting you.

Support Prerequisites

We’ve mentioned prerequisites above. These are important steps that are confirmed through the booking process. Making sure that these steps are complete ensures that we can get right to work addressing your goals.

  • Do you have access to the environments and other resources needed to meet your support goal(s)?

  • Do you have access to the connectors you need to use to connect to your data sources?

  • Do you have access to the data sources you will use in your solution?

  • Will you be able to connect with us using Skype for Business?

  • Do you have a copy of the app in your Test or Development area?

    • We can’t work on production systems without a different agreement.

    • Let us know if this is a production issue.

  • Have you taken a backup of your PowerApps and Flows?

  • We only support ethical business practices and may chose not to offer support for activities which we don’t perceive to be ethical.

  • If we don’t think it is technically possible to meet your goal with the Power Platform, we will let you know.

Book Now

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Need to Talk to Someone About Your Booking?

You can use this form to get in touch with our scheduling and support team. We will get back in touch with you ASAP.



There are a few important questions that often come up. You’ll find questions and answers in this section.

  • Question: What if it takes longer than you estimated to meet my goal(s)?

    • We will provide you with an estimate at the onset of the session. We can’t however, provide guarantees on our estimates. We can guarantee that you will have a competent resource who will provide you with a high level of support.

  • Question: Can my support call be escalated?

    • Yes. Senior members of our team may be brought into support sessions at the discretion of the call support analyst.

  • Question: What if I am not satisfied?

    • Refunds will be provided where clients are not satisfied.

  • Question: What if I can’t start my session or have to stop my session early?

    • Unforeseen circumstances happen. We will allow you to rebook if something either gets in the way of us completing your session or if you are unable to start your session.

      • We ask that if a session is stopped early or if you are unable to start your session that you make another booking within 10 business days.

      • Prerequisites

  • Question: What if I don’t have a PayPal account

    • You can use the credit card option on the PayPal login screen