PowerApps and MS Flow Essentials Training - Downtown Calgary (July 24)

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PowerApps and MS Flow Essentials Training - Downtown Calgary (July 24)

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Learn how to design, build and deploy PowerApps Canvas Apps and Microsoft Flow Automations at this One-Day Training Event.

Our Essentials course goes beyond what is covered in basic 100 level sessions. All of the content in this course has been created by our team. This course will prepare you to build intermediate to advanced PowerApps and MS Flow solutions for personal productivity or to tackle task / department level solutions.

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One Day: MS Flow and PowerApps

Taking the knowledge and experience gained over the course of implementing many Microsoft Flow and PowerApps solutions, our team has created this unique program that covers the essential topics for both of these products.

We dedicate half a day to building PowerApps Canvas Apps and half a day to Microsoft Flow. Our team has created PowerApps labs and training materials that cover important concepts that go beyond basic data capture and presentation (further details below). The Microsoft Flow labs and materials have been sourced from Microsoft’s Flow in a Day program - these labs demonstrate core Flow patterns and scenarios for initiating and automating workflows.

Instructor Lead, Lab Based Training

Our trainers have delivered over 10 App in a Day sessions in conjunction with Microsoft along with private training sessions like this one. Attendees will receive quality presentations, demonstrations and lab material in this one day session presented by experienced members of our team.

Attendees will be immersed in an intensive (and fun) day long session where they will build PowerApps and Microsoft Flow solution that include intermediate and advanced concepts, patterns and methods.

Deep Dive Training for PowerApps and MS Flow

Deep Dive Training for PowerApps and MS Flow

Session Information

Training Overview

Below is a list of the lab modules which will be covered in this one day training session.

PowerApps Labs (Morning)

  • Lab: PowerApps Mobile Expense Claim Submissions App

    • Build an App that captures expense claim data (with images) and stores it in SharePoint

MS Flow Labs (Afternoon)

  • Lab 1: Flow Buttons and Writing Data

  • Lab 2: Approvals and Routing

  • Lab 3: Notifications and Conditions

  • Lab 4: Scheduled Triggers, Looping Through Data, Variables

  • Lab 5: Looking up Users, Dynamically Assigning Approvals

  • Lab 6: Building Advanced Conditions, Comparing Dates

What you will Need

Here’s what you’ll need for the day of the session:

  • We will provide you with an electronic copy of the lab manuals, resources and environments to work in

  • You will need a laptop to complete the labs with

  • We will provide lunch, snacks and drinks

    • If you didn’t fill in the dietary restrictions section of the registration form, please use the contact us button and let us know

  • You may want to bring a tablet to display the lab manual on during the session

Lab Scenarios

Mobile app - Expense Capture App

  • Connecting to Datasources

  • Displaying Datasets

  • Icons

  • Capturing Form Data

  • Grouping Controls

  • Camera integration

  • Rules and Conditions

  • Working with Collections

  • Variables

  • Submit Data

  • Lookup Users

  • Generate Email

  • Offline / Online - Handling Disconnected Scenarios

  • Alerts

  • Sharing PowerApps

  • Versioning / Restoring

  • Analyics

Microsoft Flow - Various Scenarios

  • Conditional logic

  • Switch case

  • Email

  • Approval

  • Time out and escalation

  • Schedule trigger

  • SharePoint trigger

  • Troubleshooting

  • Error Handling

  • Analytics

More Information / Contact

If you would like more information or have questions, use this button to connect with a member of our team.