PowerApps and MS Flow Essentials Training - Downtown Vancouver (May 1)

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PowerApps and MS Flow Essentials Training - Downtown Vancouver (May 1)

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Learn how to design, build and deploy PowerApps Canvas Apps and Microsoft Flow Automations at this One-Day Training Event.

Our Essentials course goes beyond what is covered in the basic 100 level sessions. All of the content in this course has been created by our team. This course will prepare you to build PowerApps and MS Flow solutions for personal productivity or to tackle task / department level solutions.

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Session Information

  • Date and Time: 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, May 1

  • Location: Microsoft Vancouver

  • Details: You will receive an email with complete session details after registration

  • Questions: Contact us with questions

Training Overview

Here are the lab modules which will be covered in the one day training session.

Deep Dive Training for PowerApps and MS Flow

Deep Dive Training for PowerApps and MS Flow

Lab Overview

  • Lab 1 - PowerApps Mobile App

  • Lab 2 - MS Flow Approvals, Variables and Loops

  • Lab 3 - MS Flow Scheduled Automation for Summarizing Data

Our training session covers important PowerApps and Microsoft Flow concepts such as:

  • Connecting to data sources like SharePoint and Azure SQL

  • Capturing media and images in your PowerApps

  • Building Apps for your business in both tablet and mobile form factors

  • How to automate workflows and processes in your organization using MS Flow.

Lab Scenario

Lab work will be focused on building a solution for managing the collection and automation of an safety reporting process.

Solving Business Issues: Current Process

Acme Oil and Gas employees currently use an Excel spread sheet to record and process safety issues. Here is the process that will be solved in our lab modules:

  • Excel spreadsheets are used to track safety issues within

  • The details of each safety item are added as a row to the spreadsheet

  • Images captured which describe the safety issue are stored in a separate tab

  • Specific issues requiring extra attention are marked in the spreadsheet.

  • The spreadsheet is emailed for review and sign-off by the Safety Officer.

  • The Safety Officer reviews the details of the issues which require their attention in the spreadsheet and locates related images in a separate tab.

  • The Safety Officer is able to add remarks alongside each issue with their approval or rejection.

  • Safety Audits can be conducted using the spreadsheet by scrolling through the spreadsheet to find issues.

Business Value

The current processes presents the following opportunities for improvement:

  • The processes of entering issues into a spreadsheet is tedious. More issues may be entered in an improved user experience.

    • This may lead to more issues being reported; resulting a safer work environment.

  • Audits take too long

    • Better ability to assess, track and create awareness of important issues

A Power Platform Solution

Throughout the labs, we will transform the Excel and Email driven process into an automated process that captures data using PowerApps and drives the business process via Microsoft Flow. The shape of the solution and features are described below:

Mobile app

  • Report issues form from mobile phone

  • Camera integration

  • SharePoint connector

  • Conditional logic (if/else)

  • Variables

  • Submit Data

  • GPS / Maps Integration

Microsoft Flow

  • Conditional logic

  • Switch case

  • Email

  • Approval

  • Time out and escalation

  • Schedule trigger

  • SharePoint trigger

More Information / Contact

If you would like more information or have questions, use this button to connect with a member of our team.