Microsoft Flow Essentials Training - Downtown Calgary (May 16)

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Microsoft Flow Essentials Training - Downtown Calgary (May 16)

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Learn how to design, build and deploy Microsoft Flow Automations at this One-Day Training Event.

Our Essentials course goes beyond what is covered in the basic 100 level sessions. You will learn about common MS Flow patterns as well as some next level patterns to offer new opportunities to affect your processes with.

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Microsoft Flow Essentials Training

Here are the lab modules which will be covered in this day long training session. We are basing part of the material on the Flow in a Day content provided by Microsoft. We have supplemented these resources with labs created by the Fidelity Team.

After completing our training, you should be able to begin building your own Flow solutions in your work environment. The effective use of Flow may improve personal productivity, team level processes or the movement of data throughout your organization.

Session Information

  • Date and Time: 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, May 16

  • Location: Microsoft Calgary

  • Details: You will receive an email with complete session details after registration

  • Questions: Contact us with questions

Microsoft Flow Business Essentials

Microsoft Flow Business Essentials

Lab Sessions

  • Lab 1 - Time Tracking

  • Lab 2 - Approvals

  • Lab 3 - Flow Notifications and Conditions

  • Lab 4 - Flow Control, Variables and Expressions

  • Lab 5 - Approvals Continued (Find a Manager)

  • Lab 6 - Task Overdue

  • Lab 7 - Approvals, Variables and Loops

  • Lab 8 -Scheduled Automation for Summarizing Data

Training Outline

Our well planned instructor lead lab scenarios will help elevate your skills. You can expect the following concepts to be covered in this day long session:

  • Flow Site and Mobile Apps

  • Create new Flows from Blank

  • Flow Triggers: Flow Buttons, Schedules, Data Events

  • Data Sources: Excel, SharePoint, Office 365 Users, SQL

  • Approvals / Approval Center(s)

  • Controls: Conditions, Loops, Switch Statements

  • Data: Filters, Variables, Tables

  • Notifications

  • Expressions

  • Dates, Date Formatting, Delays and Timeouts

  • Run After Events

More Information

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