We hope you find these resources valuable!

We hope you find these resources valuable!

 PowerApps and Microsoft Flow: Continue Learning

If you’ve attended one of our training events or are a Power Platform builder, here are some great resources and links that will help you on your journey.

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October 2019: Licensing Announcements


Continue Learning and Get Connected


A collection of resources to continue learning about the Power Platform with.

Jon Levesque’s curated list of MS Flow learning resources.


Important PowerApps Resources & Concepts

Building Responsive Canvas Apps in Microsoft PowerApps.png

This post will help get you started building responsive PowerApps Canvas Apps

PowerApps Canvas Apps Coding Guidelines and Standards.jpg

Tips for building simple, supportable, performant PowerApps that are easy to administer

PowerApps Delegation Understanding Delegation.png

An important introduction to the concept of delegation

PowerApps Delegation Delegatable Datasources.png

Find out which data sources and accompanying methods may be affected by delegation

Building Navigation Tabs and Breadcrumbs in PowerApps.png

Great ways of building powerful navigation interfaces in PowerApps

New delegatable functions

An absolute ton of Power Platform Learning resources

Start a Flow in a Canvas App.png

Kick of a new instance of a Flow right from within your Canvas App

Learn all about delegation with the Delegation Playground App

A start to finish responsive UI tutorial (with a video)


PowerApps Functions

Using the Table Disambiguation Operator in PowerApps Formulas.PNG

If you’ve got fields with the same name in different tables / datasources, use the disambiguation operator to make sure you’re hitting the right one

The Patch() Function.PNG

Add and Update records in your connections using this handy function

The Notify() Function.png

A great way to provide alerts in your PowerApps

PowerApps Function Reference.PNG

A complete reference of functions for your PowerApps

The Clear(), ClearCollect() and Collect() Function Reference.PNG

See how these functions can be used to work with data in your Canvas Apps

Save Data and Load Data Functions.PNG

If you would like your PowerApps to work whether they are connected or disconnected, this article will help you get started


Must Read Microsoft Flow Resources

5 Tips when introducing Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to your organization or customers.PNG

A great slide deck to help with your deployment of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

A Free Microsoft Course for Getting Started with MS Flow.PNG

Free training to get you started with Microsoft Flow

All Microsoft Flow Conference Sessions for on-demand Playback.PNG

Here are all of the sessions from the Microsoft Flow Conference! An absolute ton of great content

Playback the Flow Conference 2019 Sessions

18 golden Flow sessions - get watching already!


Administration, Management and Deployment of the Power Platform

Deploying the Thrive PowerApps Suite to +120 K at Microsoft.PNG

Here is a great video on how Microsoft undertook the deployment of this suite of apps across their organization

Sending a Welcome Email to New Flow Users.png

See how MVP Kent Weare uses Flow to greets new Flow users using a Flow automation

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Governance and Deployment Whitepaper.PNG

“the PowerApps team has released a whitepaper to provide guidance to those administrators responsible for planning, securing, deploying, and supporting applications built on the PowerApps platform”

Managing and Administering MS Flow and PowerApps in your Organization.jpg

A must read to help support the journey of deploying these technologies in your environment

Microsoft Flow PowerApps  Common Data Services or SharePoint Lists.png

A review of considerations and performance for these data storage options

PowerApps and Flow Powershell Cmdlets for Creators and Admins.png

Now you can connect to PowerApps and Flow using Powershell

The On-Premises Data Gateway.png

Check out how the On-Premises Data Gateway can help you access on-prem data in your PowerApps, Flow and Power BI solutions

Troubleshooting the On-Premises Data Gateway

Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Licensing Guide.jpg

The official guide released by Microsoft in March 2019


Presentations, Sessions and Videos

Here is a list of a few great sessions available on-demand that will help you on your Power Platform experience

  • Real World Stories: Perspectives from IT executives on bottom-up innovation and the Microsoft Power Platform

    • This is a great session that covers a few stories told be executives on their journey with the Power Platform

    • Watch the Video

  • Real World Stories: Citizen developers and enterprise IT find success with Microsoft Flow

    • More real world stories the highlight solutions built with Microsoft Flow

    • Watch the Video

  • Microsoft Flow: Digitally transform your business

    • Kent Weare provides demonstrations and provides guidance in this session on how you can leverage the Power Platform to digitally transform your business.

    • Watch the Video

  • Microsoft Flow: Vision and Feature Roadmap

    • Stephen Siciliano covers released and planned features for Microsoft Flow (June 2019)

    • Watch the Video

  • Microsoft PowerApps: Vision and Roadmap

    • Charles Lamanna and Ryan Cunningham provide a rundown of released and planned features for Microsoft PowerApps (June 2019)

    • Watch the Video

  • Microsoft PowerApps: The master class on building performant apps

    • Mehdi Slaoui Andaloussi presents a great session with live examples that demonstrate tactics for building performant PowewrApps.

    • Watch the Video


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