News From the Factory: August 8 2019

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Enjoy, Learn and Keep Building!

Enjoy, Learn and Keep Building!

Hopefully you’re having a great summer!

Here are a few highlights of what you’ll find in this edition of our newsletter:

  • PowerApps Portals Released into Preview

    • A powerful way to connect external users into your processes

  • SharePoint Tools Roundup

    • A great list of tools to assist you with your SharePoint implementation

  • PowerApps App in an Hour

    • Obviously we’re fans of App in a Day - now you can download the manual for App in an hour

We hope you enjoy!

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Upcoming Events

Improve your knowledge of the Power Platform with the sessions


App in A Day.PNG

App in a Day Roadshow Events

New dates announced for this free event hosted by Microsoft.

Power Platform World Tour

The Power Platform World Tour

The Power Platform World Tour has Canadian Stops in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Use the link the link below to find all of the details.


July PowerApps Updates

A rundown of the latest PowerApps features


SharePoint Site Swap PowerShell: Invoke-SPOSiteSwap

"Swaps the location of a source site with a target site while archiving the original target site."


Listed: SharePoint Tools

A useful collection of SharePoint Tools


Video: "PowerApps | Form Processing with AI Builder"

See how this AI Builder feature works


MS Flow Updates for July

SharePoint, DevOps, Guest Users and new Connectors


Announced: A timeline for the Skype Retirement

Here is the explanation and retirement plan


Feature Enhnacements: SharePoint Quick Edit

Better grids for managing SharePoint List Data


Lab Download: App in an Hour

The best hour of your week starts here


Copy + Paste in Flow

Clipboard functionality now available in MS Flow


Free! Conference Attendees App

Download it here


PowerApps and MS Flow Licensing Updates

Important licensing updates announced


Improve your SharePoint Design

The SharePoint Design site has the resources and tools you need to improve the design of your SharePoint Site


PowerApps Component Gallery

A gallery of reusable PowerApps components


A Delegation Demo App

If you're getting deep into PowerApps, learn about PowerApps


PowerApps Portals are in Preview

This portal solution for collaborating with users external to your organization is in preview


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