News From the Factory: March 18 2019

Our Update

We are working on some very interesting solutions to track notifications and monitor the status of critical dates using Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. We continue to see interest in PowerApps mobile apps that address issues for field workers.

Online Support

We now offer online booking for PowerApps and MS Flow support:


PowerApps App in a Day - Vancouver, April 8

Register for this free event we are providing in conjunction with Microsoft

PowerApps and MS Flow Essentials Training Course - Vancouver, May 1

Our Flow Essentials Training session will be held at Microsoft’s Vancouver Office

MS Flow Essentials Training Course - Calgary, May 16

Our Flow Essentials Training session will be held at Microsoft’s Office in Calgary on May 16

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Our Co-Founder's Rem and Sean are on LinkedIn and would like to connect with you. You can also connect with our team using our Contact Form.

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Custom Adaptive Cards for MS Teams using Flow

Keep your team up to date by posting custom adaptive cards to Teams from MS Flow


Modern site creation with Microsoft Flow

Use the powerful #MicrosoftFlow SharePoint HTTP Action to Create Modern Site


A Deep Dive on PowerApps Delegation

This post from the Community Blog is sure to help you and your team build better #PowerApps. It's a Deep Dive on Delegation


New SharePoint Modern Page Features Announced

Improve your marketing, communications and engagement!


Sync your Tasks and Email with To Do

To-Do fans, here's a great new feature to keep your Inbox and To-Do synced!


New to the CDS - Autonumber fields

Now you can add Autonumber fields to your CDS entities


Dependent drop down fields in PowerApps

This powerful feature can now be added to your Apps


PowerApps Components Patterns

Your team may want to take advantage of PowerApps Components in their next app


The Flow Mobile App and Buttons for Automation

This post is all about the Flow Button for Mobile and how it can help your business


Tips for Introducing Flow and PowerApps to your Org

A great session by Kent Weare on deploying these great technologies


5 OneDrive tips to benefit your users

The OneDrive Client, Office Online Integration, Mobile App and More... A great read.


NEW! Flow Sharing Feature

"Send a Copy" of a Flow to other users in your organization!


"Peek Code" in MS Flow Actions Available

Now you can get better look at what is happening in behind the scenes in your Flow actions


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