Tweets of the Week - SharePoint Updates, Custom Formatting, Roadmap and More

Here’s a fun mix of tweets about news, guides and demos on SharePoint and Flow that will help you try new things with your PowerApps.

These are the most popular tweets made by Microsoft Share Point and other PowerApp enthusiasts in the last ten days.

Have fun exploring what exciting news and tips these experts have to share with the world:

Tweet 1 - SharePoint updates

Microsoft SharePoint announces rollout of new and updated SharePoint web parts in Office 365, highlighting updates for Yammer Conversations, personalized web parts, Quick Charts, My Documents, Microsoft Stream, YouTube embed, etc.

Tweet 2 - Custom formatting in SharePoint

Microsoft is modernizing user experience through SharePoint. After column and view formatting, they have introduced custom formatting, which allows users to format display of business data without using scripts or programming syntax.

Tweet 3 - Column and view formatting tips in SharePoint

Here’s a SharePoint Dev Community demo video from @theChrisKent. Chris highlights some cool options available while working with column and view formatting in SharePoint. He shows in the video how to work with background and text colour and how to format other design options in SharePoint.

Tweet 4 - SharePoint December 2018 roadmap

Here’s a roadmap of all the updates rolled out by SharePoint in December, 2018. The updates are regarding page designs, site designs, customizing title region, news pinning, etc. The article linked to the tweet also features a podcast on ‘What's rolling out now for SharePoint and related technologies into Office 365?

Tweet 5 - Custom connectors for Microsoft Flow

This features an article by Waldek Mastykarz about building custom connectors for Microsoft Flow. He points out some great facts and points that help you think ahead while building connectors. The article apprises you with loopholes and challenges you might face while naming onnectors, processing binary file contents, working with asynchronous connectors, proxy calling, and sharing of connectors in an organization.

Tweet 6 - No more token expiration for flow connections

Good news for users—Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) will no longer cause tokens to expire after 14, days and tokens will last till revoked for @MicrosoftFlow connections.

Tweet 7 - Picture library in SharePoint

Rory Neary highlights how to use SharePoint picture library app to create montages and more. In his video, he illustrates how easy it is to import any image or picture to use in SharePoint and more.

Tweet 8 - Multi-step navigation and flyout menu

@ManuelaPichler_ highlights how important it is to create a template with custom brand colors, logo, home screen and navigation. He show wonderful templates with multi-step navigation and flyout menu.

Tweet 9 - Formulas for Offline Support in Apps

Chris tweet about a blog that gives wonderful sample formulas for implementing offline support in your App. These formulas helps apps save data locally and enable users to navigate to appropriate screens. The data is submitted as soon as the user comes back to the app with a connection.

It’s exciting to read how quickly SharePoint domain is developing and how much there is yet to explore.

Stay tuned, so that we can bring you more exciting feed of the most popular tweets about PowerApps, SharePoint and more.