News From the Factory: August 20 2018

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Our Update

The summer hasn't slowed things down for us.  We've been busy with customer service automation and automating SharePoint site creation and permissioning.

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Format your PowerApps formulas

This will help make those long formulas much easier to read.


This Free Online MS Teams course had been Refreshed

Learn about how to enable teamwork in your organization using MS Teams.


A video walk-through of using Bing Image search in PowerApps using Flow

Expand the publishers notes for Flow and PowerApps files


Did you miss the Business Applications Summit? Here's a listing of some great sessions, with video

Share this one with your team


Quit living in your inbox

This may help as a way of convincing users to start using SharePoint instead of Outlook for collaboration.


The Ignite session catalog is online

We'll see you there!


The MS Flow preview program is online

Get early access to upcoming functionality and prep your production Flows for updates.


Free PowerApps training material

Free and Delivered directly into your Inbox. (Did we mention it's free)


Here's a great MS Forms feature

Another way to easily share your Microsoft Forms with respondents - you can use stock functionality to generate QR Codes


Add progress indicators to your #PowerApps

If you haven't got a usable app, what have your really got?


Create a SharePoint Subsite from #MicrosoftFlow

Bookmark this one - it's a great addition to your SharePoint automation toolkit.


Protect your corporate data in #MicrosoftFlow using these great tips

The tools are available, start using them


Intelligent communication with Microsoft Teams

Here's how Teams fits into the modern workplace (and with it's siblings in Microsoft's collaboration stack)


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