News From the Factory: Jul 12 2018

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Our Update

We're currently working with customers on automations that create and email reports and continue to see interest in field data capture.  We've also been working on solutions that automate the movement of line of business data.

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Find Availability and Book Meetings in Your PowerApp

This video from the PowerApps team shows you how to do some serious scheduling from within your PowerApp.


SharePoint Pages a Bit Laggy? Check out this New Tool

Just released - the Page Diagnostics Tool. You can use it to find out why your classic SharePoint pages aren't performing like you'd expect.


G & J Pepsi Cola Bottlers are Using PowerApps

They are using Microsoft PowerApps, Flow and PowerBI to automate store audit and merchandising processes.


July MS Teams Teams Update

Now you can archive a Team and restore it later (if you need to), among other great new features.


Transferring Excel Skills into PowerApps

Here is a guide to leveraging what you have learned about Excel into PowerApps.


Get started with SharePoint site remote provisioning

Site Templates may no longer be the best way to repeatedly create sites with common features. This blog by Russ Maxwell (MSFT) will help you get started.


Infographic: SharePoint Document Libraries 101

The good folks at AvePoint have created this infographic that covers the important things that everyone needs to know about Document Libraries.


Video: 14 PowerApps Hacks

Audrie Gordon from Microsoft drops some great tips for us PowerApps peeps. (The rounded photos definitely look better)


New PowerApps Feature: App Checker

Build better PowerApps quicker. Now you can get more details on your errors and accessibility issues.


You can show your support for Project Andromeda (Surface Phone)

Its been rumored that this device may not go froward. Here are details on a petition you can sign to show yuor support.


Automate the creation of PDFs

Improve your business processes by using Microsoft Flow and SharePoint to automatically create PDF versions of a document.


How executives can lead the way in SharePoint and o365 adoption

We couldn't agree more. Critical from vision through to deployment.


Load your PowerApps Quicker

The new Concurrent function will allow your users to get working with shorter loading times.


Build Better PowerApps

Definitely one for the developers. Follow the tips in this post from the PowerApps team to create more maintainable (and performant) PowerApps.


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