News From the Factory: Jun 28 2018

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Our Update

We delivered an App in a Day session in Calgary last week.  Thanks to all who attended and to Microsoft for hosting the event.

Since our last post, we've been working with customers on PowerApps to uplift legacy forms as well as to streamline field processes.  We've also been using Flow to better integrate our clients data and processes.

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How Teams Measures Up

Here's a look at how Teams measures up when compared with its rivals.


Cerner is Using Teams to Improve Their Collaboration

See how Cerner (a Health Care Technology Provider) is using Teams to keep their people connected.


Setup a Flic Button with Flow

Here's a quick tutorial from Sandro on how to setup a Flic button to trigger a Flow.


The Matrix of Skype vs. Teams Functionality

In case you were wondering how the feature sets of these products line up, here's a look.


Using Environments

This will affect many aspects of your Flow deployment including governance, security and administration. Recommended reading!


Video: Embed PowerApps in PowerBI

A quick video tutorial on how to embed your PowerApps in PowerBI.


Overview of Teams and Channels in Microsoft Teams

Ever wonder when you should be using a Channel vs. Team? This will help you.


How to Improve Business Processes with Office 365

This will help you understand where to use tools like MS Forms, Teams, SharePoint and Flow in your solutions.


MS Teams for Android - share a video while on a call

Now you can connect, face to face with your team. 3-2-1 GO!


Understand PowerApps Delegation

Want to build performant PowerApps that process large volumes of data? Read on my friend. Read on...


Pass a Parameter into a PowerApp via URL

There is no lack of integration options for PowerApps. Here's another great option for integrating PowerApps forms into your business processes.


Improve SharePoint User Adoption

Is your SharePoint adoption lagging? SharePoint Steve has created this guide that should improve a few things for you.