News From the Factory: April 25 2018

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Our Update

Last week we had a chance to meet with some great folks from the MS Flow and PowerApps teams while they made a stop in Calgary.  We've highlighted some of the news and demos we saw with them during their visit.

We've been seeing interest in small scale PMO solutions, uplifting legacy forms and light business process automation. 

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Hot Dog No Hot Dog MS Flow AI Demo

Video Tutorial: MS Flow + Cognitive Services

Kent Weare and Jon Levesque demonstrate the capabilities of MS Flow and Image Recognition via Custom Vision in this great video tutorial.

The Intrazone SharePoint Podcast

Listen Up: A New SharePoint Podcast from the Product Team

Released Bi-Weekly, you'll want to subscribe to this one.

Test Flow Feature Dropped

Feature Alert: "Test Flow" Button

Spend more time developing and test your flows quickly with this addition. Check out the latest release notes here.

Security and Compliance in MS Teams.png

Security and Compliance in Teams

An overview of Retention, Legal Holds, eDiscovery, Privacy and related features in Microsoft Teams.

You Should be Using Flow Environments.PNG

MS Flow Environments. 

If you aren't using these yet, you probably should be. 

SharePoint Lists in MS Teams

Embed SharePoint Lists in a MS Teams Tab

"A new ‘experience’ was added to Microsoft Teams which allows you to create a Teams Tab that surfaces a SharePoint list and it’s pretty nice."

Step Up Your Flow Game with these Learning Resources.png

Step Up Your MS Flow Game

From the Product Team, here is a great learning resource for all skill levels. 

Modern ECM Whitepaper.png

Free Whitepaper: Modernizing ECM with MS Content Services

"How content is created, managed, and shared—and how users collaborate with that content—has gone through a drastic evolution from traditional enterprise content management (ECM) "

OneNote Moving from Office to Windows 10.PNG

OneNote App for Office to be Replaced by Windows 10 Version

"The OneNote 2016 app for Office 365 will be put on hold"