News From the Factory: Sep 12 2018

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Our Update

We’re back at it after the summer months have passed. We’ve been busy building mobile Power BI reports for safety data. PowerApps to report field incidents and are improving customer service with MS Flow and Twillio.

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Do a better job of explaining o365 Apps

Use this periodic table of Office 365 to explain the products, their features and relationships.


Manage ServiceNow a little better with this one

This Flow template gets you started connecting to ServiceNow, fetching tickets and posting them to a Team.


Managing #PowerApps adoption: Hero Apps, Featured Apps and more

See how MS manages a few very important aspects of #PowerApps discoverability - with over 18 000 monthly active users in a single app, they've got some great tips.


Looking to improve your business processes? Of course you are :)

Find out how you can model business data and drive your processes with #PowerApps Model-Driven apps


#PowerApps and #MicrosoftFlow administration whitepaper

Find out how you can do a better job of managing these tools in your organization.


What are you waiting for? Get started using the #Microsoft Flow Add-In for Excel

"create and trigger on-demand flows for selected rows in any Excel table on spreadsheets hosted in SharePoint"


We love the #FlicButton / #MicrosodtFlow integration at Fidelity

Find out how these REAL buttons can be used to initate workflows in your office.


Your Flow governance might not be up to par

But the #MicrosoftFlow team has you covered. You can now automate Flow governance with Flow.


Teams is ready to replace Skype

Time to start thinking about your transition.


Cognitive Services Infographic

Share this one with your team. At the very least it's a great reference or it maybe the inspiration to build something incredible.


#MicrosoftFlow Power BI Data Alert

Here is a great Flow to keep your business well connected with important data.


PowerApps adds native GUID generation

GUIDs now available from a simple function from within #PowerApps


New AI features coming to SharePoint and OneDrive

Your company's content will become more useful with these new features


More PowerApps discoverability tips

Your #PowerApps will shine with these change management and adoption tips. Build a happy and healthy user base for your apps!


Become a contributor to the #MicrosoftFlow community blog

Here's a link to the (MS Forms) form you can use to apply.


Location based triggers are coming to #MicrosoftFlow

Here is a great feature preview video by Jon Levesque. Hopefully this video sparks some ideas for when this feature is released.


View formating is coming to SharePoint this September

Now your team can apply a custom layout to each row in a SharePoint list.


Have you not embedded a #PowerApps app in a page yet? Quit standing there and get started ;)

This article (new this week) will get you and your team started.


"To digitally transform, exploit an app"

A great read on how to jumpstart transformation using the Power Platform (#MicrosoftFlow #PowerApps and #PowerBI)


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