News From the Factory: Oct 30 2018

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Our Update

The last quarter of the year is always busy and this doesn’t seem to be an exception.

We have seen a general increase in project activity and have boosted our team with new resources. We’ve seen a lot of interest in using Flow to automate manual processes and customers looking to improve customer service with PowerApps.

Our Co-Founder's Rem and Sean are on LinkedIn and would like to connect with you.

App in a Day November 29 @ Microsoft Calgary

We are hosting an App in a Day training session at Microsoft’s Calgary office on November 29. You can sign-up below. Learn about how to build low code custom business application solutions that connect to your data using PowerApps and MS Flow.

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Power Platform / Business Applications Specialists: mark the date, the summit is moving to Atlanta

The last one in Seattle was loaded with great sessions and people. Get signed up!


A great post on how to store your #PowerApps camera control images

Surely a pattern you and your team have considered before. Here are step by step instructions.


Improve your #PowerApps adoption, change management and provide better user experience

Very useful tips on how viral marketing, deep linking and leveraging experiences will improve discoverability for your apps.


A very quick read on how to get the most out of #PowerApps templates

Your technical team and citizen developers alike will benefit fron these tips and useful links


Publish select records to MS CRM from Excel using #MicrosoftFlow

A great video tutorial on how to use the Flow Add-In for Excel.


Here's your chance to step up your Power Platform game

The Power Platform Labs and Challenges app can be downloaded and used as a learning / training tool. Explore new possibilities for your business.


A very quick introduction to #MicrosoftFlow expressions

Here's a quick rundown of the basics you'll need to get started with Flow expressons. Start building next level Flows today.


Automate the movement of files from SharePoint to your desktop

#MicrosoftFlow can make this easy


There is a #PowerApps YouTube channel

"How To" videos are being published there all of the time. Learn something new today!


#MicrosoftFlow presents a vast toolset for you and your team to get started with. automation. Don't wait

Here's a great video by Kent Weare (AKA @wearsy) that may inspire you. It presents powerful patterns that can solve problems.quickly.


A rundown on Microsoft's latest release of the #MicrosoftTeams Powershell module

Some gems in here for the IT Pro crew


Why MS Teams is able to succeed where Yammer could not

A good assessment of how Teams has so quickly been able to succeed


How you work is more important than the tools you are working with

Reduce, Assess, Eliminate repeat...


All you need to know about #PowerApps Screen Types

Plus a bonus walkthrough on how to use the tutorial screen. Save your team some time on their next project with Screen Types.


Replicate SharePoint's [Me] filtering in PowerApps

I'm sure you (or your team) have used this SharePoint feature, create the same experience in #PowerApps


Here are a few very useful tips on how you can improve your usability testing processes

This could help improve your deliverables and maximize return on your usability budget.


The good people at Microsoft Research have created a unique mobile phone screen cover that looks very interesting

Thisc screen cover includes an e-ink display that might make our phones even more useful


Covert CSV to JSON using this #MicrosoftFlow pattern by @SergeLuca

Surely your business has a few processes where CSV files are a part of the mix. Here's your chance to add some automation.


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