News From the Factory: Dec 18 2018

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Our Update

We have some very interesting PowerApps projects on the go right now - the classic Request > Review > Approve pattern has emerged as a theme in a number of the apps we are currently building.

We also have some clients furthering their investment in fully automated workflow solutions using MS Flow as well:

  • Inbox Processing

  • Deployment and Securing Collaboration Areas

Our Co-Founder's Rem and Sean are on LinkedIn and would like to connect with you.

App in a Day January 15 @ Microsoft Calgary - Register Here

We’re coming at you with another App in a Day in Calgary! Share the link, let’s see a full house for this all day PowerApps and Flow learning session.

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Add progress indicators to your #PowerApps

A great way to improve the usability of your apps


The Periodic Table of O365 has been updated

Visualize your O365 stack, great for planning and discussions


Offline #PowerApps 101

Keep your workers connected with these simple function calls


Product team blog: Convert Office docs to PDFs using #MicrosoftFlow

A detailed build walkthrough will help your team meet this common business requirement


An epic A-Z list of #SharePoint features and benefits

So many features, so little budget, scope and time :-) Get started digitally enhancing your workplace.


Build easy to manage navigation for multi-page #PowerApps in minutes

Another great use of the PowerApps gallery control.


A classic UI use case documented for #PowerApps

Create cascading drop down lists by following these simple steps.


A great read for supporting your digital journey

Guidance on Business Process Automation, Employee Engagement, Communications and Analytics covered.


Serverless solution pros: here's a great comparison of #LogicApps vs. #MicrosoftFlow

A review of features, pricing and a take on when to use one or the other.


People! Some big changes are coming to the Flow licensing model

Here's a deep dive review of what's coming by Kent Weare


Check out the rumored Surface 'Centaurus'

We were hoping that this would be the (also) rumored 'Andromeda' mobile device, but this looks like it could be equally awesome.


The #MicrosoftFlow tab is now part of MS Teams

Now your team can be even more effective, automating alongside their collaboration efforts.


A runthrough of the Encodian #MicrosoftFlow connector

A ton of great features for your teams next content automation project. Let's go!


Improve your delegated SharePoint Filters and Search calls in #PowerApps

A few great tips for your next #SharePoint PowerApp


If you're considering a migration from #SharePoint 2016 to 2019..

Here's a great runthrough of the feature differences between these releases.


Check out the awesome MS Teams Adoption Flip Book

An interactive adoption tool that covers features, vision, outcomes and much more!


New layouts for the banner section of modern #SharePoint pages

Modern page owners will surely appreciate these new configurable layouts.


December #MicrosoftFlow update

8 new connectors and some great enhancements. The Flow Button tweaks are a nice improvement to one of our favorite features.


New #SharePoint list formatting capabilities

Apply pre-built templates to style you SharePoint columns - No JSON needed


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