3 Simple Steps to Customize Your Office365 Login Page

A custom Office 365 login page that matches your branding and design will greet your users with a familiar experience and welcomes them to their portal.  This doesn't take long to set up and makes for a much nicer login experience.

Step 1: Prepare Your Images

For this example, you'll need two images.  We are setting the Main Login Image and the Banner Image.  You may need a designer to help get the images set to the right dimensions and not exceed the file size limits.

  • Main Login Image

    • 1420 x 1200 px
    • Maximum size of 500 KB
    • File Type PNG or JPG
  • Banner Image

    • 60 x 280 px
    • Maximum size of 10 KB
    • File Type PNG or JPG
  • See the example below for examples of both of the above images
Custom Office 365 Login Page Image Dimensions


Step 2: Access Azure Active Directory

You will need to be an Office 365 Administrator to complete the steps that come next.  If its your first time accessing Azure Active Directory, you will need to let it run an initial set up.

Open Azure AD

  • Login to Office 365
  • Click on Admin from the launcher
  • Click on Azure AD
From the launcher, click on Azure AD.

From the launcher, click on Azure AD.

Access Azure AD Company Branding

The screenshots below are from the new Azure portal.

  • Click on Azure Active Directory
  • Overview
  • Company Branding
  • Edit Company Branding

Step 3: Upload Branding Images

  • Upload the Sign-In Page Image and Banner Image
  • Press Save and you are finished!