A Simple Way to SharePoint


Strategic Visioning  

Don't waste time or money investing in a portal direction that is not well aligned with the direction and initiatives of your organization.

We specialize aligning the direction your portal with where your business is heading.  Ask us about how we can help you create strategic direction for your portal.



Fidelity believes that effective portal solutions can be delivered in a straight forward and simple manner.  We plan portal solutions by identifying and focusing on opportunities within your business. 

This includes engaging stakeholders and end users as early as possible to make sure the right people get the value they desire. You can expect us to deliver consistent results in cycles that show a pattern of regular progress. 

Business Apps  

If you have a specific business problem that you would like to address in your portal, we can deliver. 

Our roots in business process planning and automation are deep.  We can assist you in developing apps inSharePoint, PowerApps or Flow to streamline the processes within your business.


We are experts in in SharePoint of all flavors and have a customer base who utilizes both to address their collaboration needs.

If you are just getting started, have a mature implementation or are somewhere in between, our strategic services will help you focus on generating more value for your business .


No two companies have the same mobile needs. From strategy to delivery, we can help your teams stay better connected with their information and processes.

Let us help you build a mobile strategy or deliver your next mobile project.   There are a variety of ways your users can connect with business content using their mobile phones.


Without a stable SharePoint environment, you will find adoption lacking and a user base that doesn't trust their platform. 

We can help you be sure your SharePoint environment is stable and delivers what the business needs.